Colleen Brown (Major Love) (episode 29)

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Colleen Brown ( is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter on a mission – looking for beauty in the darker corners of human existence. With versatile songwriting and a vulnerable authenticity, she weaves elements of folk, roots, Americana, and pop into a sublime, striking blend. She collaborates with Scenic Route to Alaska in rock/pop supergroup Major Love, sometimes tours as a part of Great Lake Swimmers, and is currently on tour with Abigail Lapell.

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Music Credits:

“Soap and Denim” is from the album Direction, available on Bandcamp

“I Can’t Wrap My Heart Around It” is from Seasons Are Circling, available on Bandcamp

“Love You Baby” is from Foot in Heart, available on iTunes

“Show Me” is by The Secretaries, and is available on Bandcamp

“Last Forever” is by Scenic Route to Alaska, and is available on Bandcamp

“Making the Most of It” is by Major Love, from the album Live, Laugh, Major Love, and is available on iTunes

“Your Rocky Spine” is by Great Lake Swimmers, from the album Ongiara, and is available on Bandcamp

“Night Bird and Morning Bird” is by Abigail Lapell, from the album Hide Nor Hair, available on Bandcamp

“As the Crow Flies” is from Winging It, available on Bandcamp

“Randy Newman” is from the album Direction, available on Bandcamp

“You Are Loved” is by Nick Zubeck, from Echo Park, available on Bandcamp


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