Episode #1: Leeroy Stagger

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For our very first episode, we’re pleased to feature a conversation with Leeroy Stagger (leeroystagger.com)

Leeroy is a singer/songwriter/producer from Victoria, B.C. He’s released 11 or so albums and toured North America and Europe extensively. He’s also very open about his struggles with his mental health and provides some great insight into the peace that he’s found on his path.

The music in the episode comes from “The Mountain” from the album Me and the Mountain and is used with permission.


  1. This was just awesome, would love to hear this interview played on CKUA – as would the huge audience they have! Really nice work here!

    1. Thanks so much Tom. I really appreciate the feedback and thank you for listening. If CKUA wants my number, I’ll gladly answer the call.

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