Episode #12: Bryce Thomas

Bryce Thomas just released his fourth full-length album under his own name, but music has been his passion almost his entire life. That album, Across the Neuro Seas, was written and recorded almost entirely alone during the pandemic. It’s an album that shows a lot of growth and insight and talent.

The album’s name and interesting cover art, showing two very different images of the artist, are in part a reference to the difficulties that he’s had to overcome before getting this far. Bryce has struggled with anxiety and depression and self-doubt for a long time and was only fairly recently diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

His music and songs are far from a downer, however, as it is playful and lively and entertaining, much like our recent conversation.

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The music used in today’s episode is “Perpetual Motion Machines,” from the album Across the Neuro Seas, which is available on Bandcamp.

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