Episode #6: Joey Serlin (Serlin Greaves/The Watchmen)

Daniel Greaves & Joey Serlin (Photo by Dustin Anstey)

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Joey Serlin is probably best known as a founding member, songwriter, guitarist, and singer for hugely successful Canadian rock band The Watchmen. The band was formed in Winnipeg in the late 80s, building a loyal and passionate fanbase through their well-crafted, memorable songs and high-energy live show. They were staples on stages across the country and on commercial radio throughout the 90s. The band is known for huge hits like “All Uncovered,” “Stereo,” “Boneyard Tree,” “Any Day Now,” and a long list of others that can still be heard regularly on rock radio.

The band’s last album of new material was Slowmotion, which came out alongside a retrospective disc in 2001. Band members went their separate ways after that and Serlin formed Vapor Music, a successful audio production company producing music and audio for film, tv, video games, and advertising.

In 2008, The Watchmen reunited for some shows, and the demand and reaction from fans, as well as the joy they felt back on stage together, has kept them going ever since. They released a live album in 2017, which was recorded at home in Winnipeg.

In 2020, Serlin found himself with an unexpected wealth of new songs and creative ideas and was quick to share them with longtime friend and Watchmen vocalist Danny Greaves, who had material and ideas of his own he’d been looking to record.

At the prompting of iconic Winnipeg rock radio DJ Howard Mandshein, Serlin and Greaves released a cover of Neil Young‘s “The Needle & The Damage Done” to coincide with Young’s 75th birthday in November 2020. The duo will release their first album under the name of Serlin Greaves in May. The first single, “Teenage Heart,” is released today, March 5, 2021.

Music credits:
Battle of the Trees is from the album Blackberry, by John Bottomleyavailable on iTunes HERE
Any Day Now is from Silent Radar by The Watchmen and is available on iTunes HERE
All Uncovered is from In the Trees by The Watchmen and is available on iTunes HERE

The Needle and the Damage Done by Serlin Greaves can be found on various services below:

The new Serlin Greaves single, Teenage Heart, is available everywhere now


  1. Love the podcast, love the single. I’m in the same boat as a Superfan. This doesn’t only take me back, but it has a modern relevancy that is refreshing and evolves their sound. Thanks for this!

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